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Hunza Medical Camp


As part of the strategic progression aimed at fulfilling the vision of delivering comprehensive health services to the community, the inaugural medical camp organized in collaboration by ASAB and NSHS was successfully conducted in Hunza, Gilgit Baltistan. Participants included Principal ASAB, Dr. Muhammad Asghar, Prof. Dr. Ayesha Haque, head of the Anatomy department, Dr. Nadia Nisar, Associate Professor in Community Medicine, Dr.Muhammad Kamal, demonstrator in the Anatomy department and students,  Miss Maisoon Pasha and Azmina Iqbal. This collaborative effort underscored a significant step in advancing the provision of healthcare and underscored the commitment to community well-being.

The medical camp spanned three days and was dedicated to delivering complimentary healthcare services to the inhabitants of Hunza. Running from the 16th to the 18th of October 2023, at Aliabad DHQ Hunza, Ghulmet THQ Hunza, and at KADO Office Hunza. Over 500 patients received cost-free medical consultations and essential medications from the healthcare practitioners affiliated with NSHS. During this period, students from ASAB, under the supervision of the Principal of ASAB, collected blood samples for baseline investigations.

The primary aim was to conduct health assessments to better understand the prevalent health conditions within the Hunza population. Notable among the identified health concerns were hypertension, osteoarthritis, ischemic heart disease, sciatica, and rheumatoid arthritis. This comprehensive medical initiative not only provided immediate medical assistance to a significant number of individuals but also facilitated the collection of valuable health data for further analysis and understanding of the prevalent health issues in the Hunza region.

The hospital administration in Hunza extended a gracious welcome to the faculty members from NUST and expressed their gratitude for the dedicated efforts in organizing a complimentary medical camp in the region. The Principal of ASAB commended the fervor and commitment exhibited by the NSHS team. Furthermore, the NSHS team aspires to strategize and execute additional medical camps in the future, reflecting their ongoing dedication to contributing free healthcare services to the community. This expressed intention aligns with the institution’s commitment to furthering their role in extending healthcare services to underserved areas.